Wow, I am finally doing it.  I have wanted to start my own teacher blog since I was a student teacher.  I kept putting it off till I had more time.  I still don’t have more time, but a friend of mine has recently started her own.  I was inspired.  Thank you, Mom Kat Reads for getting me to finally do this.

My question for my readers, whether you are a teacher or not.  How do you fight procrastination?  I do this in every area of my life, from lesson plans to cleaning, and even my “me” passions, like sewing.

100Finally, I have a challenge for any of you.  As school teachers, especially in the younger grades we know that 100 days is a HUGE day.  I challenge you to find some part of your life that you have been procrastinating.  For the next 100 days, lets do something about it.  My challenge is to do 30 minutes of work each day, before the deadline.  For example, cleaning the house before company comes would not count, but just doing general cleaning would.  Doing my lesson plans the night or two before I am teaching them, would be procrastination.  Doing them a week in advance, would be YAY ME!  I am also NOT including posting to the blog as part of my 30 minutes.  My 100 days run from 7/20/2017 – 10/27/2017



Day 2

Today was productive, yesterday not so much.  I cleaned up my pinterest account and associated it with my blog.  I had a lot of clutter and things that I would never go back and look at.  Also, my boards were to generic to be useful when looking for something specific.  I separated them into categories that are more useful.

Also, I made posters for my classroom rules.  I think they turned out pretty well.  I have 6 simple rules for the computer lab.  1. Keep ALL food and drink outside computer lab.  2. Take care of the equipment.  3. Keep your are neat and clean.  4. Only go to approved websites.  5. Do your own work.  Help means words, not actions.  6. Respect your classmates and teacher.  Once I update my Teachers Pay Teachers account, I will be posting them there as a free download.